Japan Society of San Diego & Tijuana

“Cool” Japan Club – Unique Culture

Second “Cool” Japan Club Meeting

Date: Wednesday, January 20
Time: 5:30pm ~ 7:00pm
Place: Japan Society of San Diego & Tijuana, 4883 Ronson Court, Suite A
Fee: JSSDT Member – Free  Non-Member – $10

Calling all San Diegans! The Japan Society will be hosting an evening of entertainment for people interested in learning more about Japanese culture. We will be showing a video from a series called “Cool Japan”, a television show dedicated to delving into specific aspects of Japanese culture. During our meeting, you’re invited to come to our office, try some Japanese snacks, and watch a video about unique Japanese culture. Following will be the topics.

  1. Why do Japanese people wear masks?
  2. Why do parents sleep beside their young children?
  3. Why do Japanese people like to line up?
  4. Why not pour a full cup of coffee?

This event will be open to all ages, and we hope that it can be an ongoing project with different themes and meetings every few months.

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