Japan Society of San Diego & Tijuana

Beer $ Sake Festival

Beer & Sake Festival

The Beer & Sake Festival introduces and promotes Japanese, local San Diego, and Tijuana beverages, foods, and cultural activities, while raising awareness of JSSDT activities within the region. Participants have the opportunity to taste a variety of beers, sake, and foods from all three regions. Festival Sponsorships include the opportunity to participate in festival marketing campaign, a promotional booth, and advertising space in the festival program.

Festival Sponsorships
$10,000    Kuramoto (Title Sponsor)
$5,000        Daiginjo (Ultra-Premium Sake – Platinum)
$2,000        Ginjo (Premium Sake – Gold)
$1,000        Nigori (Unfiltered Sweet Sake – Silver)
$500        Junmai (Select Sake – Bronze)
In-Kind Sponsorship Levels
>$1,000    Booth Sponsor (booth for product promotion)
<$1,000    Door prize Sponsor (recognition & giveaway during festival)